The Swiss Legend Abyssos Review – Depth Defier


Before I start things off , I’d like to quickly introduce the style of review I am going to implement.

Each watch will start with a quick intro describing why I chose to review the watch, and then it will be broken down into three different criteria that I will Describe.

  • Design – I will break down the important aesthetics or styles that make the watch unique.
  • Comfort – I will try my best to relay how comfortable it will be depending on wrist size.
  • Construction – I will go over how solid the watch is built, what it is comprised of, outside and in, and will generally describe the featured specs the watch has.

After the brief description I will then post a gallery of high resolution images that i have taken of the watch to illustrate its best features visually.

……and without further adieu,  I present the official review of the Swiss Legend Abyssos watch.. (Click “Details” to read further).

I just received my Swiss Legend Abyssos and was pleased from the moment it arrived.  It came in a very sizable outer box (10 ½” W, 5½” H, 8″ D).  Inside this box is a beautifully high gloss finished red watch winder, and the adapter to power it.  This winder alone sells for $250.00 on WOW (WorldOfWatches.com) most of the time.  It does go on sale from time to time but It really, truly looks, feels, and performs like a $250 presentation winder.  It easily houses the 48mm beast that is the Abyssos.  When I finally got past the winder and to the watch, I was pleasantly surprised.  Like others (I would assume) the watch seems slightly underwhelming compared to the price on WOW, but being a designer I really appreciated the subtlety of the design, add that with the specs and I was reeled in.  Now allow me to break down why I think this is a watch worth reviewing.

As I just mentioned, what I love about the design of this watch is its simplicity.  Many times when it comes to design (especially on a “tool” watch like this one) less is more.  You’ll see some watches that try to cram too many functional features as well as design features and it just gets overwhelming sometimes, so this is more balanced in that regard.

It has beautiful sharp angles on the lugs and bezel that give it a really industrial look.  I am also a big fan of the angled lugs seamlessly blending right into the strap.   If you look at the bezel, it has a great “castle” style bezel that almost has the appearance of a gear, which I find really cool.

The dial also continues the theme of simplicity with it’s gorgeous matte finish.  I really appreciate the lack of typography on the dial as well.  I’ve heard some people complain about it not saying 1,000 meters, but I see it as a more humble treatment, and stays true to the “less is more” theme of this watch.

I also absolutely love the restraint on the numbers at the hours.  You will only see the Arabic numerals at the 12 and 6 o’clock position, where the rest of the dial are regular, circular hour markers.

I just want to reiterate how intelligently this was designed contrary to how it may appear at a quick first glance.  Upon a close and personal inspection, it’s evident there was a lot of thought put into the design of this watch and its simplistic aesthetic and it shows.

I’ll get straight to the point on this one.  Let me start by saying I have a 7″ wrist, sometimes 6 ¾”. Despite my smaller wrist, this is an extremely comfortable watch for its size.  As far as the strap goes I am on the fourth to last hole with 5 generously spaced holes remaining, so it should fit up to a 9″ wrist, but i’ll say 8 ¾” to be safe.  While I speak of the strap I should also mention that it is an extremely soft silicone strap, one of the best I’ve seen.  It is very smooth to the touch, easy to slide through the large keepers, and actually doesn’t collect lint hardly at all like most do.

Another feature that makes this watch very comfortable is the bubble back case.  When I say bubble back I mean it has a very rounded case back that is necessary for it to withstand the 1,000 meters it is rated for.  This is convenient because it also keeps the sharp edges away from your wrist.  The rounded case back works as almost a cushion of sorts.  Over all, another home run in the engineering department of this watch.

The Abyssos is masterfully constructed.  It has a great heft to it, a very THICK and soft silicone strap, and very tight ratcheting unidirectional rotating bezel.  You can tell right away it is a professional dive watch.  Quickly here are some specs followed by my input.

Case:  48mm size – It definitely wears just like a 48mm and is constructed out of 316L stainless steel with a tremendously satisfying heft to it.  Quality case.
Case thickness:  20mm – To me it doesn’t feel as thick as you’d think, but if you put your fist out it’s pretty evident that it’s a chunkster, but that’s what I love about it!!
Strap:  6mm thick Silicone – One of my favorite features of this watch.  Such a well made, soft, smooth, silicone strap.  Ridges on the underside to allow water to escape easier, huge keepers to house the 6mm thick strap, which I might say, makes it more comfortable.
Water Resistance:  100ATM or 1,000 meters or 3,300 feet – As I said before it’s built as a real diver’s tool.
Luminescence:  Superluminova at all hour markers and second hand dot.  The lume is generously slathered on this watch so given a nice outdoor charge it’s extremely bright.
Movement:  Swiss made automatic, 25 Jewels (ETA 2836) – One of my favorite movements.  I love the day and date function and it fits nicely with the simplistic dial arrangement.  So far with my experience after 24 hours it’s +2 seconds.  Nuff said.
Crystal:  Domed Sapphitek – What is Sapphitek?  It is a proprietary compound developed by Swiss Legend that is arguably as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal.  Still unsure?  That’s OK.  They are the only company to back their crystals with a 10 year warranty.  Again, nuff said.

All in all I would absolutely recommend this watch to any fellow geek who loves a good dive watch with a genius design.  Between the very high end display winder, the incredible construction, the superluminova, the 10 year warranty on the scratch resistant Sapphitek crystal, the 1000 meters of water resistance (just shows the craftsmanship), the uniquely masterful 6mm soft silicone strap, what more could you ask for?  Oh.. right.. an ETA 2836 Day Date automatic movement that is increasingly harder to find in newer watches these days.

I hope you enjoyed my first review!  I know it was long, but I wanted to start with a bang.  Please feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter (bottom right-hand side of the site), or comment on the blog.

Now please enjoy the photos below!