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NFW AutoPilot Limited Edition – Malevolent Beauty


I have just picked up my first NFW AutoPilot and couldn’t be happier with
it.  I was just blown away when I opened the trademark metal NFW case.

It also just so happens that my first AutoPilot is an extremely limited edition run done in only 55 pieces ever made.  This particular configuration features their classic skull and trident logo dead center done in black and laid upon an incredibly vibrant, blood red sun ray dial. It really has a sinister look to it, which I love.  The finish on the dial is absolutely incredible, and you have to see it in person to understand just how vibrant the color is and how well it plays in the light.

What makes the color “pop” even more, is the fact that it is contrasted by an all black IP case and bracelet.  I must say, on that note, the black IP finishing on this AutoPilot (and from what I hear, all of NFW’s watches) is top notch.   The fit is also fantastic, for a 45mm square watch, it wears on the wrist like a dream, the machining on the case and bracelet is out of this world, and has just enough of a sharp downward edge at the lugs to fit my 7″ wrist comfortably.

I should also note that after 48 hours, the Miyota 9015 movement that this watch houses has not gained or lost a single second.  It is dead on accurate.

This limited edition will stay in my collection.  It will definitely be my go to “malevolent” watch when I’m wearing my signature plain black t-shirts or whenever I’m wearing red.  Heck, I’ll wear it with any color, it’s just that cool.

If you’d like to check out NFW and their awesome watches, head on over to http://nfwonline.com/ and hit them up on Facebook (and toss them a “Like” at https://www.facebook.com/NFWwatch


The NEW Deep Blue Juggernaut II

Stan and Deep Blue have hit another home run. Just announced, the NEW Deep Blue Juggernaut II. Has the same features as the original Juggernaut: 46mm Case, 18mm thick, Miyota 9015 automatic movement, 1000 meters of water resistance, etc. This time, however, they’ve added a Sapphire bezel inlay, with luminous indices beneath, all done with Superluminova (as usual). Another improvement is they’ve added half links and a clasp with three micro adjustments for the perfect fit. Comes in 4 colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue, and the classic Black. The Black, Blue, Yellow bezels all glow in blue lume, and the orange glows in orange. I’m debating between the blue and black.   I must say, personally, I have not been this excited about a watch in a very long time.

Jim Skelton has taken some fantastic photography of it and can be seen and purchased directly from Stan and Deep Blue via the link below.



RedSea Six Pounder Review – Just Received, ARRR Matey!

The hunt is finally over.  I have been eyeballing the RedSea Six Pounder ever since Mr. Jim Skelton showed off his black PVD one a while back.  I have finally acquired one for myself, in the stainless steel configuration, and could not be more impressed.

I am going to assume the first couple things you are wondering are; “Who is RedSea?” and “Why the name Six Pounder?” I will go ahead and get that out of the way before I begin the review of the watch…  Continue


Deep Blue Juggernaut Automatic on Shark Mesh

Deep Blue Juggernaut Automatic on Shark Mesh

I just wanted to share a photograph that I took of one of my favorite watches that I slightly modified (or “modded”), the Deep Blue Juggernaut.  This watch lives up to its name with it’s beefy size and shape, most evident in that awesome massive crown!  Like the Depthmaster 3000 that I wrote about in my previous blog post, it also contains the workhorse Japanese Miyota 9015 movement that I absolutely love.  The watch normally comes on a bracelet, but I was playing the strap/bracelet game and decided to throw a mesh bracelet on there.  I think it looks great personally.  These mesh bracelets can be found at places like Strap Code or on eBay.  The watch is an excellent watch for the price and I hope to do a review on this one very soon so stay tuned.


Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000 – Worth Every Penny

I would like to start off by saying Deep Blue is one of my favorite brands currently and this particular watch, the Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000, is one of my favorite watches of all time.  I had already loved Deep Blue ever since I purchased my first one a couple years ago, the Master Timer Chronograph.  From then on I was hooked.  As time went by, and as I got more and more into bigger timepieces in the 47-52mm range, I anxiously awaited the day when Deep Blue would release their first 49mm+ watch.  I was already a huge fan of the Master 2000, so you can imagine the excitement when learning of a 49mm DEPTHMaster 3000.  Everything about it excited me.  However in complete honesty, I was truly disappointed to learn that it had a JAPANESE automatic movement rather than a Swiss ETA 2824-2.  THAT much for a watch with a JAPANESE movement? When I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy one, the question was answered. Yes.  THAT much.  Here’s why:


Sneak Peek: Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000

Sneak Peek:  Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000

Here’s just a preview of my article that will be posted tomorrow.  I will be doing another one of my in-depth reviews of one of my favorite watches ever, and a true keeper.  The Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000.

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